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The extremely successful EastBelgium Action, Fun and Karting Center (www.eastactioncenter.be) is the biggest company which is completely under our control,our management and our organization.

As we were entrusted with the organization of the East Belgium Action & Fun & Kart Center, we’d like to extend and to market this complex with its administrators.

The awaited margin reaches between 8 and 15 % of the invested capital !
We detain the « Know-How » !

The East Belgium Action Center has existed since 2000.In 2006 it expanded to 10,000 m2 and the most successful European Karting Center became the renowned „Action & Fun & Kart Center“ which is attended by firms and tourists from far away.We have conceived this successful packet so that this investment may be your future.

Relating to this the EDCO company is your privileged partner.

For further information, please consult www.eastactioncenter.be

Furthermore, the company Edco was involved in the organisation of the successful concept - CASAPILOT - www.casapilot.com

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